Who need more covens

1577175 I need some more coven members :slightly_smiling_face:

added both of you and 1570102 for me

1578097 please add me every is always welcome [quote=“Neon, post:6, topic:408”]

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Please add my coven 1579004

I’m like brand new to the game but so far I’m loving it! Everyone please feel free to add me! 1579025

I’m new! Add me 1578563.

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:lollipop::lollipop: Add me​:lollipop::lollipop:


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hi please add me to your coven 1581086

can people please add me in vampire mobile please. I need more covens

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1582556 Add me y’all

Add me I’m strong and I hunger for the fight!
Code is; 1568488
Murph., Anybody that’s looking for a team player then add me.

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1583230 plz hmu used to be lvl170 but lost my acc

Whats up Vanpire Homies add me​:heart::heart::heart:


1583568 thank you :slight_smile: Kman I use to play Vampires Live level 298 :frowning: ugh

List your coven numbers down below thanks!

Looking to add everyone thanks 1588494

1588703 please add me!

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Add me 1589560 My coven

Please add 1585187

Thanks :slight_smile:

I need covens 1589872