What is a captured island?


How do you capture an island?


Islands are for the Pirates game- In Vampires you capture minions. It could be a mistake on my part as far as labeling it.


how do i capture someone’s minions?


You have to be within a certain distance of it. You go to the nearby islands page and click the button capture minion.


?? Really I don’t see it ??

Thank you


Once again the capture minion feature has been down & broken for over a year it is another thing that I’ve told absentee Andy about, as usual, it was never fixed, just like the other broken/non-functional things in this game


Thank you :pray:t3: and ugh :expressionless: I didn’t even know it existed


I wasn’t aware that capture minion was broken. I’ll take a look.


While you are looking at that do some upgrading before this game because nothing more than a desserted island