Walls? Communication?


I played previous game. Remember walls and being able to communicate. Forms clans. Friends and foes. Is there a way to link up with players as previously on any level?


Perhaps the in app communication was why Vampires Live was taken offline? I’m not sure really.


It allowed you to voice openly without a censor or meddle man just you and him or her. That’s the big difference from this way and the vampire live way. It was personal. This way everybody reads it. Now we’re is the fun in that.


I can see both sides of having a wall ppl can post messages on in game. Positive comments or just talking to each other would be great in game with the ability to block ppl if needed. In vampires live there have been times where ppl were verbally abused without the knowledge of how to block those people.


Weak ppl. Cried a lot, so I’m glad I don’t have to listen to the whimpering


Actually the in app commication and all that user is talking about made the game fun exciting addicative and kept members and kept it growing. This version is so boring and isn’t going to last long until you change it close to where the original was set up to. That is what kept the original vampires game growing and kept it addictive. You don’t listen to your players and that’s the problem. We are telling things that really need to happen if you want this game to survive and grow along with being fun. Right now it is just boring and stagnant.