Vampires Alpha Test


If you’d like to join the alpha test where I am testing Vampire character avatars, you can sign up here:

Please let me know if you notice anything wrong, or any feedback at all. I will work on the iOS version of character avatars and then release this to the general public.


You should be working on improving the game, me and many others have left suggestions. Try listening to what we want, personally I don’t care about an avatar


Someone sent me a feedback email to awhile ago they would like Vampire Character Avatars.

I listened to their feedback and paid an artist to draw them. Personally I don’t care about avatars too much either - however I was thinking if people like the illustrations, I could have them be part of the fight system. I was thinking of a notification when you’ve been attacked so you can attack back after maybe getting a free healing if you respond in a certain amount of time. Once I get these illustrations into both the live Android and iOS apps I’ll try to get to the easiest/most wanted features.

I want Vampires to be a game I would want to play myself.


Also in this update I changed the style of some of the buttons and input forms while I was working on the avatar feature. This is an app that doesn’t have have a full team working on it full time. Is your number 1 feature request a chat feature or buying skill points and how much do you think the skill points should cost?


The chat feature is definitely essential to game play, it gives everyone the ability to interact in real time making it easier to gain coven members. With the chat feature it becomes a social game which will attract new players, many people like myself like having the ability to build a very strong player, that’s where the skill point and special abilities come into play. Skill points should be sold in packages like the elder points. Special abilities will attract more players as well, the stronger the ability, the higher the price. Many people enjoy playing games like this one, but we need the options to do a lot more to keep us playing, this game is very limited, which is why not people play and people stop playing. You already have the foundation to have a very popular game, you just need to add a lot to it. Listen to what the players want. Avatars are a nice feature, but the ability to chat with other players and build a beast vampire are better


I have to be honest about the avatar, it looks like you paid a 3rd grader to draw them. The modern version looks like it’s from that stupid movie twatlight, lose the avatar, NOBODY will want that


That would be one talented 3rd grader in my opinion. I like the avatars. Sometimes I wish I could illustrate things myself. I’m a fan of Kristen Stewart, so I like Twilight.


Concentrate on the game play, that’s what will draw people to play, and that’s where you can make money


There are 21 abilities in the Vampires game, up from 12. The abilities are based on level, the highest ability requires level 50. What do you mean by Special Abilities? Are those that are only available by buying them?


Special abilities are thing with higher attack and high defense that players of every level can purchase for elder points. You don’t gain them from level, you purchase them for points


Ok that makes sense. I’ll append adding some special abilities to my todo list for the game.


Also I’ll start thinking about a chat feature. I have that in my dating apps.


And obviously the stronger the ability is the more points it will cost. I have played many combat games over the years, themes based on vampires, bikers and racing. When I player has the ability to purchase items to out do someone they are feuding with, they will buy those items. One of the biggest things that needs to be added is the chat area. Not many people will go to an external link like this forum. The ability to chat within the game itself allows people to add more coven, and gives people the ability to trash talk a person they are feuding with, which causes more game glay


Are you looking to have direct messaging 1 on 1, or global chat, or both?


The global is good, that allows every player to interact with every other player. People use external links for the one on one chat. In combats games you will have “gangs” in a sense, a lot of players that band together and fight as a team. I have always used xat for that. The ability to leave comments on other players pages is a nice feature, but the global chat is a must


Alright, thanks for your feedback.


This game has so much potential, that’s why I’m still playing it.


Don’t hold your breath waiting for anything to change, or your suggestions being taken seriously, everything you asked for and suggested, has been asked for by me & many other players for years. If anything is done I will be totally Shocked & Surprised