Time. To level up


At level 50 or above, it takes. Me longer to level up.i wish that you would re-think the 2 or 4 fights per game for levels higher then 40 I like the game until I got to level 35 the one thing about this game was the fighting now we do not have it. Please please fix the percentage of fights a player can have.

Thanks, Morphus


I have modified it so there will be a larger range of players to attack if you’re over level 40. No new app update required. Thanks for the feedback!


What about higher level players? I’m a 146 & I know there are players out there cause I see them on the status boards but when I click on fight, I get nothing, it’s been this way since I hit level 100


Why not modify again? We need more people to fight! If you ever checked your forum you’d see that I& others have asked for you to open it up! 1-149 should be able to fight & 150 & up should be able to fight! Do it Absentee Andy


Over 2 years !? Oh my that’s not a good sign at all
Wow :hushed:

What level can you go up to??:upside_down_face:
On this game ? So much of the math is off but still could be a great game :pray:t3::pray:t3:


I’m currently a Lvl. 244 & just about to reach 245, I’m currently pummeling a Lvl. 264 by the name of Knoxx


Very cool lol
No one to fight at all but that’s ok my vamp is toothless but is powered by nuclear :radioactive: ENERGY . I do have a bunch of skill points I could use If the game does change into a “ fighting “ game like the old one .
And will need to start a new Vamp for sure !!