This is the most born game ever


This game is boring, by the time you level up pass 39 the fighting only have 1 , only 1 fight per day. That is so not Kool. You have to rely on the missions to level up or even play though the game. This game is nothing like vampire live storm 8 games the hire you progressed the harder it became. The fighting never stoped. The fight and the bounty was a part of the game, also, trash talking on one comment board. You exchanged you info and joined teams the old fashion way by talking


I agree with you Morpheus, and I am only at level 7.


-I will look into the ability to fight other players when you are level 39. That seems like the #1 complaint.
-I will look into creating a comment board for the game.
-I can not give an estimated time of completion, unfortunately.
-Thank you for the comments.
-I am still curious why Storm8 took their games off the store.


Actually, Morphus, I just set my level to level 39 and I had 9 people to fight. Do you see those 9 people? They vary from level 38 to level 40. I could increase the health of users more rapidly since you can’t attack users with very low health. Would that help do you think?


I have a feeling an in-game comment board which I’d have to build would make no one use the forums, which I really like as they are.


I am at level 45 now and I only get 1 person per day to fight.


A comment board on each member’s profile would make this game REALLY take off in a HUGE way. Joining forces with other members and talking trash to rival vamps was what made the Storm8 game do addictive.

I disagree that comment boards on each user would end the forums. In fact, the traffic on the forum would increase greatly because conversations and group discussions would be made possible. Gamers would feel a sense of comradery and wouldn’t feel as if they are playing alone. As it stands now, I don’t get a sense of playing against live gamers.

Please reconsider!