This game is for you if, Part 2


#6 you don’t mind that you can only see 10% of your coven when you click the my coven tab. #7 You don’t care how many actual players there are, cause every tab in Top Vamps says a different number of players. #8 Frustration,& boredom are your friends.


My top vamp tab has never worked :exploding_head:
Am I in your list ?? :vampire:t3:‍♂:wink::rofl::slight_smile:


The only place I see you is on this forum page.



Level 488 :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::joy: yup 488 . Anyone higher than that on Top Vamps ??:upside_down_face::wink::point_up:t6:


On my listing I’m ranked #1 at Lvl. 246, however I’m killing the crap out of a vamp named knoxx who is a Lvl.264.


I got you by a few levels but not enough clan and not much attack or defense but gonna go up to 1,000 unused skill points then stop playing and go to my coffin :coffin: until the game updates .
395 attack
200 Defense
940 energy lol and so many glitches and bad math it’s hilarious , I’ll explain some day

980 unused skill

Ugh :expressionless:


I’ll start a new vamp for sure a more balanced one but the Game needs to change and won’t waste anymore time on it :pray:t3::upside_down_face:


That sounds like my kind of game :+1:
Where do I sign up?
I have been playing since February and already seeing how neglected the game is I can’t understand how it has survived 10 years.


One thing that really irritates me is the player listings in top Vamps isn’t global, I see players like you & K-man here, along with countless others, but none of you are on any of my lists in top Vamps.


I played vampires wars for the last 3 years it was running. After that I found a game named reapers on fb that I played for a few years. I enjoy the combar games, which is why I downloaded this one, it didn’t take long to realize the game was dead. Now it just kind of gives me something to do when I’m taking a shit, isn’t really worth anything more than that


Are you tired of this clown act? Wanna play a fun game? Down load the walking dead no mans land from the App Store join the livengood clan I’ll accept you I’m clan leader