This Game is DEAD Stick a BIG FORK IN IT!

No fighting, No interaction, No effort to add anything new. The game is mostly a commercial watching platform, & that’s all that the owner of the game wants it to be, which is really sad, what a shame that Andy just doesn’t care

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Give up bro

You fought the good battle but will never ever be Vampires :vampire:t3:‍♂ Live

Take care

Kman :sunrise:

Please do me a favor, can you look under your top vamps tab, go to highest level & send me the names of all players on that list who are level 150 or higher. Thx in advance Ravage1

Hey, can you do me a big favor? Look under your top vamps tab go to highest level & please send me the names & level of all listed that are 150 or higher. Thx. Ravage 2