Things needing to be fixed


The same a hole attacks over and over daily until your health is too low to let him attack again, so as part of this problem to address…
You should not be able to attack anyone in your own clan. You should not be able to attack anyone more than 2 levels above and below you… When you are attacked it must be added to the game to see the stats of the person attacking you, so you can see why you keep losing fights, and there really needs to be the old assasin hiring provision in the game to crush these subhuman bugs that go out of their way to be a pain!
Also some inter communication needs to be established so clans members can work together, all these need to be applied to world war as well, if not there will be very few still playing any of these, unlike the constantly growing numbers of players when it was ran by the other company, and yes I know technically it is not the same set of games


Thanks for the comments, I will take them into account when making my next update. I recently released an update to Vampires on Android, which fixes a withdrawal/deposit blood error. Currently, you can delete clan members.


I’m asking again, when are you gonna fix watch videos for free Elder points for IPhone users? This has not been available for 3 months! Not fair


I don’t have a date that it will be fixed, sorry.


Ok, but do have any kind of fix that will make things even between IPhone & Android players? Seems VERY UNFAIR that they can gain points & we can’t . Especially since android is a cheap knock off of the superior Iphone


We need more people to fight, there are thousands playing but I have a mere10 available to fight.We need more missions, more abilities,we need accurate stats on the top vamps, i’ve Got over 106,000 missions completed, but have not advanced past the rank of #50 since April 2017. I have over 270 members in my coven, but can only view 30! This is total bullish-t!


When are we going to get #1 New missions, # 2 New abilities,#3The ability to fight more people, there are Thousands of players, but I only have 10 to fight when I hit the fight button.# 4accurate stats on the top vamps I have completed 107,000+ missions but have not advanced since April 2017! This is BS!


I tested this on iPhone, and now on Android. It shows test ads for me, but I think it’s working for others. What country are you from?


I’m looking into this. I have a ticket with Apple.


I’m from the one that counts the most, the USA specifically the State of Virginia. The birth place of our great Nation.