So, anyone still playing this sht game? Add me maybe?


Awesome !!!

Damnnn TGIF


I do remember seeing you and the others you mentioned on Vamps live. Where is home? I’m in the United States, I live in the State of Virginia


Very cool and use to surf the hit list a lot but was not as fun once the offensive abilities far out weighed the defensive lol
Boston here !!
Mystique :sunrise:was cool
Swen :virgo: Was fun

So many

Ugh :expressionless:

They need to copy it in this one :point_up:t6:

I can’t evrn get clan

Think I had 3000+ in the other one



Well, here are other things wrong with this game, I have, like I said 307 clan currently but the game only allows me to view 30 of them when I click the my clan tab. When you click the top Vamps tab and then let’s say you tap the highest Level tab it has me listed at # 1 with a level of 240, however I’m currently killing the crap out of someone who is a level 268! So in the big picture I should not be ranked #1 on the leader board, but I am. Also, click any tab in top Vamps and the number of players is different on each. You are listed nowhere, on any of my lists! Why?


Omg wow :hushed: and so much of the math makes no sense . Also I fought a level 40 and they hAd 145 clan fight … most of the time doesn’t even guy by what level you are … lol
Way to many inconsistencies you can tell they have not gone through the game to fix or update but let’s hope it changes :pray:t3:


I can’t eben click on top vamps ! Lol
The communication is awful on the game . Nonexistent so therefore no clans and not much interest in game


What’s the max energy I. Need ?

Hopefully this game gets upgrade


Here are my settings Energy:41 Mana:13 Health: 160 every thing else I gain goes into attack & Defense


Thanks !!! Nothing higher than that on energy ? Wow they need to update … vampslive was higher with great abilities to get if lucky


See what I mean about ignoring his faithful customer base? Avatars? WTF! If I wanted that, I’d be playing the SIMS, along with the 100 million or so tweenage girls out there! This is supposed to be a strategy fighting game!