So, anyone still playing this sht game? Add me maybe?


Awesome !!!

Damnnn TGIF


I do remember seeing you and the others you mentioned on Vamps live. Where is home? I’m in the United States, I live in the State of Virginia


Very cool and use to surf the hit list a lot but was not as fun once the offensive abilities far out weighed the defensive lol
Boston here !!
Mystique :sunrise:was cool
Swen :virgo: Was fun

So many

Ugh :expressionless:

They need to copy it in this one :point_up:t6:

I can’t evrn get clan

Think I had 3000+ in the other one



Well, here are other things wrong with this game, I have, like I said 307 clan currently but the game only allows me to view 30 of them when I click the my clan tab. When you click the top Vamps tab and then let’s say you tap the highest Level tab it has me listed at # 1 with a level of 240, however I’m currently killing the crap out of someone who is a level 268! So in the big picture I should not be ranked #1 on the leader board, but I am. Also, click any tab in top Vamps and the number of players is different on each. You are listed nowhere, on any of my lists! Why?


Omg wow :hushed: and so much of the math makes no sense . Also I fought a level 40 and they hAd 145 clan fight … most of the time doesn’t even guy by what level you are … lol
Way to many inconsistencies you can tell they have not gone through the game to fix or update but let’s hope it changes :pray:t3:


I can’t eben click on top vamps ! Lol
The communication is awful on the game . Nonexistent so therefore no clans and not much interest in game


What’s the max energy I. Need ?

Hopefully this game gets upgrade


Here are my settings Energy:41 Mana:13 Health: 160 every thing else I gain goes into attack & Defense


Thanks !!! Nothing higher than that on energy ? Wow they need to update … vampslive was higher with great abilities to get if lucky


See what I mean about ignoring his faithful customer base? Avatars? WTF! If I wanted that, I’d be playing the SIMS, along with the 100 million or so tweenage girls out there! This is supposed to be a strategy fighting game!


I’m just about done :white_check_mark: not much to do and had 700 skill points and put all into energy lol
Fun !! Not
If game is made closer to
The old game I’ll try again to make a real Profile …



I can’t get any response to questions other than the standard ones I’ve been getting for 2 years, maybe some day some things will be added like missions & more advanced skills, I will be shocked if chat abilities are added.


That’s a shame ! I was shocked no new missions or abilities after level 50 !! That’s ridiculous and lazy !!
They could be making good money if they updated and copied V live

Oh well :pensive:

Rock on


No chat is just insane and can’t grow the platform , grow the platform and guess what more people play and more $$$$ for them


I know, it’s beyond in belief.


I have played a few combat games like this, vampire wars, reapers and renegades. This game has the very bare minimum of everything. I guess maybe if any money was being made now the Admin would understand the potential. I just can’t see anybody spending money on this game, there is nothing to buy