So, anyone still playing this sht game? Add me maybe?




I approved your other comment - it was automatically flagged. What would you do to improve the game? I’m listening. Coming soon is some new graphics. It’s a work in progress.


So,are you ever gonna do anything to improve this game? New skills, improved game play etc.


Yes eventually probably


Maybe a chat area where players can interact instantly? And I would like the ability to buy skill points to make a stronger player.


When are you gonna fix the things that aren’t working? I informed you close to a month ago(20Feb19) that the top vamps page has an issue, when I click on most experience it says I have a little over 422k exp. this is not correct, I have over 522k in exp. points. People that play this game, expect to have correct data input into the game, if not, then what is the point in playing, also in 5 days I will have been playing this game for 2yrs. In that 2 yrs. you have only added more skills & missions, why? Also I know I’m not the only one who has lodged this complaint why do you choose to ignore all of your players complaints & suggestions? Do you not care? You ask for suggestions to improve game play, but in the two yrs. i’ve Played I’ve seen ZERO implemented.


Why can’t yhey just copy Storm8

That game rocked and sure this game would make him a millionaire fast !!

Not much going on

I’ve played a week and miss the Vsmpires live days !!



Don’t waste your time asking questions, you will never get a straight answer. What you will get, as a response is either I don’t know, I don’t know how to fix the problem, or the standard i’ll look into it, which never happens. Definitely forget about suggestions & input, I and many other players have been doing this for years! In the 2 yrs. I have been playing this game there was only one time that more missions & abilities were added & that was about 1 1/2 years ago. This game could be good if the Administraor cared, but he clearly doesn’t care to do anything.


Thanks !! That’s a shame ;( I played the vampires live game for 3-4 years and was a blast and met so many good people and enough a holes to make it fun plus so many spent $$ they made a fortune … they just need to copy it as best as they can !Storm8 won’t care lol not sure if Around even ?

Hit list
More of everything needed

It’s not live whatsoever.

Thanks again

Been playing a week and ugh :expressionless:


Yeah, I played it as well, from July 2009 until it shut down at the end of October 2015. It sure was fun.


Very cool and some great times and still talked to a few clan … was level 298 put a lot of time but was fun and did get a bit obsessive…
What was you name on it !?
khmer🌅man. here

Just saw this one last week and had hope but not much interest in continuing if stays the same .


My game name was Ravage, I think I was Lvl. 260+


Holy carp i think I recall
So many good players and could comment directly on profile which is key . This is not good on this game
Mostly attack I think …

I was all defense . Made mistake at beginning and had to keep it going lol


Two guys that I was at war with were Kdregg out of Sweden, & Blueboy out of England


I remember them well … Molten and eggbitt for me and bunch of other but was so interactive was kind of cool
Apex predator was a beast


I don’t fault you for quitting this game,the only reason I stay is because i’m A very big fish in a pissed in mud puddle. I’m a Lvl. 240 with 53,124 wins, 2002 losses, 52,205 kills, and 98 deaths, with 452k+ exp. puts.


Very nice and I get that !! I get compulsive once I start playing but really no goal here ?
No one to fight ;( or team up with !
I’m level 86 in 6 days but all missions and over 300 skill points to use but why bother ?
What’s your strategy?
Thanks again

And why have minions? Lol
Why do we need the blood
So many holes :hole:


Great stats !!

Defensive or offensive vampire :vampire:‍♀


I’ m fairly balanced, I have 307 clan and have put most of my Lvl. Up pts. Into Attack & Def. currently my applied Attack is 648 & Def. 486. So many people are clueless as to how this is played, Ex. You’ll see someone with 50 clan, but they will buy 1000 of everything, even though they can only use 50 of each off. & def. the way I got ahead in this game is that I layed low until lvl. 50, upgrading skills all along, before getting into battles, by then my off. & def. we’re far superior to the clueless who were attacking me. In this game, anyone who attacks, stays in your record for 50 rounds, that is how I racked up wins, because other than these rubes, I only have 3 people that are available for me to fight when I hit the attack button. And as you know when the people that are on your top 50 losers list attack in retaliation, guess what? They lose again! LOL!!


The 2002 losses that I have incurred were from Lvl. 1-50 when I was laying low, since Lvl. 51 I have not suffered a loss or a death