Questions about game play


I’m new to the game and there’s a lot I don’t understand but I am enjoying the game. I’ve scrolled through this forum quite a bit but I can’t seem to find a FAQ or anything of the kind. These are the questions I have/things I would like clarification on:

  1. When it comes to local minions I don’t understand the purpose of moving them (more specifically minions that I don’t control). There are two options: Move Minion or Capture Minion. The benefit of capturing the minion is clear but moving someone else’s minion seems pointless so there must be something I’m missing.

  2. Why is that no matter how little I deposit into the blood bank my current available balance goes to 0? For example: I had 4,450 blood and I went to put 3,000 of it into the blood bank. It deposited the 3k (with the 15% shaved off) and I should have had 1,450 left over, yet my balance is at 0. It also happened when I went to withdraw from the bank. I had 10k available and I went to withdraw 4k but when I finished the withdraw it showed I only had the 4k I had just taken and I lost 10k blood randomly lol.

  3. Is there no other way of earning Elder Points except watching videos/doing lengthy surveys? I would have assume that we get at the very least 2-4 when we level up?

  4. When it comes to covens we’re able to me a part of multiple covens correct? I don’t want to go through and add a bunch of peoples codes if that’s not the case.

Sorry this is so lengthy… I really like the game but there seems to be a lot of issues with it.


Bump? It’s kind of ridiculous that it’s been over 2 weeks and I’ve gotten no response.



Ugh :expressionless: good luck



Hi, sorry for the late response.

The purpose of moving a minion is if someone has a minion at your current location and you want to buy one at your current location; since you can only have one at a given location. I’ll think about how to make this more clear. Something like titling the button “Buy a new minion here”, which would move the old minion. Or if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

I think/hope this bug has been fixed. I remember fixing a bug like this before. Sorry about that, and thanks for the report.

You can purchase them as in-app purchases.

You can be part of multiple covens.



Here are my questions about game play. # 1 under Top Vamps, 3 out of six tabs are not working. Both the Overall & Most Experience have not been keeping current since 19 February 2019, & Missions completed since April 2017. Under My Profile, the field of view is so narrow that you can’t see the total number of missions. When you click on My Coven it only allows the user to view 30 members of their coven, this is lame seeing that I personally have several hundred, but can only view the stated 30 why? Also when clicking on any of the six tabs on top Vamps, each one says a different number of players, once again why? And lastly, it has been over a year and 1/2 since you have added more missions & more and better abilities once again why?


The reason is because this is not my full time job. I have many apps and also a full time job. Thank you for your support and suggestions.


Andy, I understand what you’re saying, however you have to see the point of view of your players, especially the ones who are keeping with this game that needs improvement, we want it to be a success like the Vampires Live game that we were all passionate about. When we ask for things, it’s because we know what made the other game AWESOME! We want this to be the same way. When we make suggestions or ask for fixes, it’s not because we’re busting your balls. We also get frustrated when we ask for something & we get, you’re making Avitars, we couldn’t give two shits for that, we want we’re asking for.


Andy have you ever heard the saying “build it and they will come”? If you actually listened to the people that play the game you could make enough money where this could be your full time job. I have been playing less than 2 months and I’m bored, I see profiles that we’re made 6 or 7 years ago that have been inactive for who knows how long. How has this game even managed to survive this long?