PVP Suggestions/Problems


List problems here and I’ll attempt to maybe fix them if I can. You can attach screenshots if you feel like it.


you will have noticed that i have created a second ship. currently at level sub 100. this is to try and emulate the ghost pirate ships. to date my main ship has been attacked several times with no change it the way it interacts. ie it get sunk shows coins and behaves in the normal way. the secondary ship has not yet been attacked as far as i can tell. i am now leaving it afloat with coins to make it tempting. when results are known i will advise. she will then be left in safe mode for A T to delete.


Sounds good Ian. Thanks for taking the time to investigate the problem. If I can do anything to help let me know.


Andy Tribiletti - so this is a completely different circumstance then my own… my second ship is using the same old facebook account with the same old email address. The thing that is different is that I stopped playing for a few years, when I came back to the game I had to start a new ship as the old one was not accessible to my account. Both ships show my profile photo, and when I change the photo it changes for both ships - so they are obviously both accessing the same facebook account even though the original one is not accessible. That’s why I would like to see the original one removed from the database… it is not the same as the test case that Ian has set up at all! :slight_smile:


Hi Marianne,
What is the full name and level of the account you want removed from the database? Also for security purposes could you message me that info on Facebook?

You can send a message to the Facebook Pirates Page:



I have deleted that entry in the database. I am interested to know if it helps the cloak problem. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.


Looks like pirates web no longer work with mobile phones or tablets like ipad. Please fix it so we could play on with our phknes and tablets. Game now redirects to the mobile app and not working with web links for over 2 hours now :sob:


Looks like problem was fixed for a while but just now link not working again. Msg shown is “Graph returned an error: Invalid OAuth access token”. Link is https://greenrobot.com/pirates/fb/index.php
Hope for a quick fix again, ty Andy…
Thanks, Eran


this is a screenshot of the message received now:


Sorry I tried to fix it, but for now you’ll have to use the mobile apps on mobile. I don’t know if I will ever fix this. Sorry.


Hi Eran,
Can you try going to
https://greenrobot.com/pirates/fb and see if you are able to play the web version on mobile devices?


Hi Andy,
looks like it’s working again for now, both on mobile and PC.
thanks for a fix within such a short notice.
enjoy the weekend.
Thanks, Eran


Hi Andy,
Looks like mobile site is down again,
message received is: “mobile site down for now…”


Sorry about that. I think it’s up and going again now.


Hi again Andy,
Looks like its up and down all daylong. No working now on mobile. Looks like its in a loop and all I get is a blank page trying to reload all the time…
Hope you’d find a permanent fix.


It’s working for me. Could you try logging out and then back into Facebook?