No one left at all?


It seems like no one is playing this anymore, no enemies, no attack’s, it’s just stagnant and you can’t tell if there are even any players at all?


I agree with you and I can point out many reasons why not many people are playing anymore. One the developer guy on here does not listen to us players when we ask and make suggestions. Two this game is no where near like it was a few years ago which made it fun and addicting to play. Three many players have requested in game communication and in game coven invites/requests on other players profiles etc that he repeatedly ignores. If they just added those features it would bring the game to life and make it enjoyable and fun and very addicting. He is only ruining the game and making it boring and stagnant by not listening what us players are suggesting and asking for which to be honest a very sad and shameful. He has ruined this game which used to be so much fun and addicting and now to just blah and game play as in fights is not set up correctly so those who should be losing are winning and those who should be winning are losing.