New here plz add me

Hi! Please add me to your coven. 1585172
Is this the only way to chat with people on the game? I see the comment section in the game but mine does not work.

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Sorry to say but yes :slightly_frowning_face:

Welcome to the coven

When you say it doesn’t work can you describe what the issue is? It works for me.

What is going on with this game? I see new abilities, then they’re gone, then I see abilities gone & then re-appear?

I had mistakenly enabled some, then someone complained after I removed them. I will work on an update with the new abilities and missions with icons. Thanks for playing.

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Could you repeat that please ?? :flushed::thinking:

I can clear things up for you, Andy put up some new abilities & on Defensive abilities he posted one twice, I texted him to let him know that. Ten minutes later he removed all the New Abilities instead of just removing the repeat. In addition he removed an Old & most powerful Ability Demonic Might. Since I own 314 of them I immediately asked him to please put Demonic Might back, & he did, so thank you Andy! Does this explanation help? Hope so . V/R Ravage1

Yes and thanks and just wow :hushed:
“ complained “ :rofl::rofl:

Can you add me too please? 1585406

Andy, I want to thank you for adding the skills & Missions to the game. Now for another matter, is there any way that you can make more people available to attack? Can’t you set it up so that everyone Lvl. 1-149 can fight & everyone Lvl.150 & up can engage? More fights makes for more fun. Also is there a way to make top Vamps stats more global? I’ve noticed that this game is segmented, broken into many cliques. Consolidate please!

Adding all the codes i see! Mine is 1585682 plz add!!

Don’t ask for people to join you if you’re not going to add them, I’ve sent you a request 3 days ago & it’s still pending

1586280 please add, new and could use the coven numbers. Thanks! I will gladly accept the request

Come join me 1589872