Minions Near Me

With all the minions in the game why are there only 6 where I am , you would think I would have more around me

Dear Rick, didn’t I tell you this game is :poop:! The developer has not done any maintenance on this game in ages. All he cares about is you watching commercials so he can collect $$ on them from his advertisers. BTW. Another defect, after you collect a decent amount of minions to create blood flow, you get shut down. My minions stopped collecting blood for me about 8 months ago.

Oh wow I hope things get better here for I really liked this game on Myspace

I hope you’re not confusing this heap of💩with storm 8’s Vampires Live. Now that was a true game.

I think I might be confusing the 2

In order to see different minions you have to login from a different physical location.

Oh ok now I know and I also see something else whenever I leave I make sure everything is full stamina, energy, and health but when I return they’re not full anymore but it doesn’t show I was attacked

Ok. I just tried Vampires on iOS and my health was reduced by around 50, but it says I was attacked 12 hours ago. Are you on Android or iOS?

I’m on Android and it doesn’t show me in the News who attacked me

Ok I’ll take a look at some point. I can’t specify when.

Ok I do appreciate it very much thank you

I need cov​:pray:t6:en​:love_you_gesture::mask::laughing::frowning: pleaae