Minion Help. I tried the help section in app but no luck


How do I get more than the one homeless man I have & the one I stole? I want to get better ones but I don’t see the option and no one has any around where I live. I just got lucky with an inactive players minion.


You have two options:
-Pay to move the minion
-Physically go somewhere new in real life.

The reason for this is two minions can not be too close together.



Oh okay. If I pay to move, do I physically have to move somewhere else to move it?


No, if you physically move, there is no need to spend booty points to move an island.


I was somewhere else and tried to create another minion and got this screen where the create and select nearby minions are overlapped. So I can’t click new minion. I tried again when I got home where my first minion was and I moved him but I still have the same thing happening. Not sure how well this will post, but I added a screenshot of what happened.


Thank you for the very clear bug report with a screenshot. I will work on updating the game to fix this problem!


I have fixed the bug and submitted a new version to Apple. It’s waiting for review now. Thanks again.


You’re welcome. Thank you for working on it :slight_smile:


The new version is now available.


If you’re interested in some free vampire points for reporting the bug, let me know your Vampires username so I can credit you. :smile:


Oh that would be awesome :smile: thanks! My username is Zoehh. I believe. It’s the name on my profile :slight_smile:


I have credited you 100 bonus points! :slight_smile:


I have this problem I can’t buy anymore minions it only lets me view them but not buy new ones I was hoping to get a street thug or college student how do I come by this ??