Mad about this game!


Is this it I don’t like this game at all.bthe higher you get in levels the less fighting you get into. If the missions is my highlight of the day I’m not impressed at all. I’m bord with the game, it lacks character and imagination. It started of fun and then it wasn’t anymore. Sad really because you’re not listening at all to what people have to say about the quality of this game. “ASK THEM”


What is one thing I could easily change which would make you less mad?


The fighting percentage, instead of only one or three fights per game. Why not let the game fight more players at a higher level. Make random fighting more interacting and challenging for the players, especially for those with a level above 25. The fighting sould be more then one or three fights per game, it sould be a random number above 10 fights. Always. That’s interacting with other players.


I currently have 11 fights before it has to recharge, but one major issue is the level matching, it should only be a few levels up or down from your level, and the reasons you are losing should be better, you should be able to see how large their coven is, be able to hire someone to kill them, be able to contact them and or block them from contacting you, the way it is now has no rhyme or reason to it, so many times the same a hole uses you as a atm machine with no chance of retaliation which takes all of the fun out, where is the self defense vs team defense scaling, some people would stand inside a fortress while their team has slingshots, others will spread supplies evenly but it is two different options, now there is only one and it isn’t working well. And we need to bring players over to world war, but it is impossible to find in the App Store since 50 games use the world war title, maybe some buttons here to link to the real app in the stores?