Is there a limit to how many times you can use the "watch video for 3 elder points"?


Is there a limit to how many times the free 3 elder points for a video can be used? I used it probably 10 times today and now when I click the button, it doesn’t do anything. I don’t wanna buy elder points, I like the free ones. Even tho it’s watching a video because I don’t have the extra money atm to buy points.


Yes, I believe there is a limit of 10 video plays per day. Sorry for any inconvenience. I will work on adding additional free ways to earn points.



It’s okay. I’d appreciate it :slight_smile:
I tried again today for the video thing and it still wasn’t working. Is it maybe because I have 20 elder points just sitting there that I haven’t spent yet?
I’m on an iPhone 6s if that helps at all.

Edited to say I did just spend my remaining points but it still won’t allow me to use the video. And I can’t find a survey that matches with me apparently.


I’ve been experiencing this problem as well I usually have to wait 3 days after until I’m able to get elder points. Is it everyday or every other day to use the free elder points with videos?


It varies based on if my advertising partner has any videos to show. I plan to add additional video ad partners in the future.


Can I borrow an elder point? Times are tough. :sweat: