Is the game still active?

Hey, is this game still active? I used to sweat it when I was in the iPod 4th gen days but lost my acc around lvl 170. If it is it’s changed allot not all for the better either. I used to like the minion system which seems to be absent from this version. The ability to buy minions to mass produce blood while your offline, this is still here I know but has been dumbed down a lot. I would also love the chat feature to be added back was awesome being able to sort vamp / zomb ids without exiting the game

Would love for chat feature to be added, Easyer navigation on the menus, the old minion system to be reinstated, and a way of getting coven members easyer than having to invite all of your fb friends(kinda dumb when you need coven members to progress in the game but the only way to do so is piss all your irl friends off) .

The game is still active, but barely kicking. Not many people play, I started playing February 2nd, I have had 2 people attack me. The old game you’re talking about was from another company, I played it as well and still mourn its passing. The minions are available in this version.



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No way, makes wayyyyyy more sense I miss the old game it was awesome. I respect that the dev has tried to recreate but I can understand why it has died

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The biggest problem with the game is each time you log on it is VERY limited what you can do, that’s why nobody plays


I just joined and I’m playing with myself ;(

What’s ever become of this game recently saw it and reading posts it is saddening

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It is not I’m sorry to say …

Yes we are enjoying it

You won’t enjoy this commercial watching game for long, the developer hasn’t done anything to improve game play & once you hit about level 50 you will have no one to fight

Oh wow I will get stronger and pity anyone who fights me

You wouldn’t want to do anything but hide from me. LOL! I’m more than likely the biggest fish in this mud puddle of a game. Regards, Ravage 1