Hey Andy, this is a gaming tragedy


Andy, I’ve got over a half billion in blood, 3800 in elder points, I’m a Level 245 with skills 10 times lower than they should be, because you refuse to add upgraded skills. Btw. I was wrong on 1 issue, in Aug2017 you only added a few upgraded skills you haven’t added any new missions since 2009. If you’re gonna be this lame, then give your game to someone who will make it acceptable. P.S. if I disappear from this game, it’s cause you blocked me, I didn’t quit.


I’ve never blocked anyone from playing Vampires. Thank you for your comments.


You are blocking every one of us that wants to play by not upgrading anything. We don’t want avatars, we want more missions, more abilities, more fighting and the option to purchase stronger abilities and elder points and the ability to communicate within the game. So you are in fact blocking every one of us