Having trouble winning fights!


Today’s my 1st night playing and I understand fighting is random, but I keep loosing even with I have more abilities than my opponent…
Here’s a sceen shot!-


It’s simple to win more and lose less just build your clan up the more members you have the more of your abilities you use. For example. 50 abilities equal 50 members each one uses 1 ability a peace. The more you buy in abilities the more team mates you need,. That is how you start winning .

I hope this helps you good luck. Remember winning is based on the larger clan with the best abilities . Invites.


That advice is only half right, you also got to add points to your attack, every time you level up. You get 5 points to add to your profile, I suggest 3 to attack & 2 to defense, every time you level. Look at my stats, they say everything.