Games ideas for Pirates


Please let me know your ideas for how to improve the game.


How about a place were players can exchange their unique number to increase crew.


When I played vampireslive the game itself interacted with the player you could post and send your code to their wall with in the game, talking you leave massages as will. Game perks was a nother big thing you buy upgrades level up your Vampire your abilities had 3 parts power,speed and transformation. You could buy elder points or wait until their was a special deal was offered. The other thing is fighting worked on a percentage of all three skills and the level as will as the growth of the clan.
You ability and skill level it cost blood earned money and the level as well as your skill level.

Say a new vampire at levels 01 to 35 thier level could fight anyone 5 levels above or 2 levels below them.

Depends on thier skill level and how strong thier clan is.


Why can’t I fight back the ones that are attacking me on my board. I see there names and the out come, but you can’t strick back. My own team can attack me but, I can do nothing at all, not fare. They can attack all day, but you only can attack in the fight module. If the attack you, you should be able to attack back. Maybe you win or maybe you lose one thing is for sure you defend.


For me, it is possible to attack back. In the news section, you’ll see a list of Vampires who have attacked you. Tapping on their name gives you the option to fight back.


I tried to do as you said, but, no go I tap on the Name, on the you Won and the you Lost but nothing happened.
Thanks Morphus


Morphus, Sorry about that. My personal device is an iPhone. I forgot that I never implemented the ability to attack back from your news feed on Android, which is what device you have, I’m guessing. I’ll add it to my todo list for the next release of Pirates.


I’m at level 40 now and there isn’t any upgrades in abilities or missions when will I see stronger abilities and better missions just curios!

Thanks, Morphus,


In the newest release of Pirates that I just uploaded this issue is now fixed.