Game Ideas For Vampires


Hi Everyone, please list your game ideas here!


Can you please show how many points and elder points a player has to them? Right now there’s no way of knowing how many points and elder points I have or need to capture a minion or upgrade them.

“Points” is also too vague especially when this unit isn’t being displayed on the screen. The use of words should be consistent. It says, “you need x points to capture a minion” for example but when you don’t have enough points, the error being thrown is, “you don’t have enough coins to capture this minion” and one would think they need to gain coins which don’t even exist in the game.

Currently, you need to click “move pet” (another inconsistent use of words, shouldn’t it be move minion?) to earn points by watching commercials and such or buy them. I’m guessing this is where you are making money from? You should make this way more accessible and put the “earn or buy points” outside like “free elder points”. This will also make the UI more consistent.

I have played storm 8 vampires for years so I know how this game works for the most part but even to me some buttons are too vague and not intuitive. Maybe for the first time click (like upgrade this minion <— i started a thread because I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to do) you should prompt a message on what it’s going to do.

Oh and another thing. What is the advantage of moving pets? What does it do? Another thing that is too vague.


The advantage of moving minions is if you don’t feel like moving to a new area physically in order to create a new pet, you can move the current minion to a new location so your current location opens up.

Upgrades to minions make it harder for other users to capture your minion.


I will take your ideas into account when I have time to update Vampires.


AndyT, why is there no more advanced ability or missions for Vampire Mobile Game. The game is boring and I hardly play anymore. I have a lot of money and nothing to spend it on this is far form the original game storm8 Vampirelive. Now that was the game. It had everthing. I only wish that thus was more likaible and less unlikible. I know you can fix this and bring this game to life. Help I am out I no longer care to play this game. At my level I can only fight 4,3,2 or 1 play per day. Boring and frankly I choose not to play the game as much, because of the limits if someone with only 26 crew members can attack and win everyone when you have 161 crew members with the strongest abilities. Something is wrong. I should not have a problem with a crew that is less then 60 crew members. Or someone who’s level is only 50 and their crew is only 26 or 40. You see the problem with that, Y ou game needs improvements.


Hi, Andy! This game does need to advance. I have a lot of blood & nothing to spend it on. Please add more abilities both offensive & defensive. It would be very beneficial to have in game communication between players as well. I know that there are a lot of players in this game that don’t have a clue as to how it works, ie. They buy 40,000 fangs when they only have 48 clan, STUPID!!! & they don’t know how to spend their level up points. Ie. If you put all 5 level up points into attack, every level up, a level 26 will knock the snot out of some one many levels higher. pay attention Morpheus, this is why you are a whining loser, has nothing to do with game play & everything to do with intelligence.


Andy, when can we expect more missions, & more abilities? Also it would be nice to see all your clan members, not just a few of them. In addition, with all of the people who play this game, there should be a lot more people to attack when you hit the fight button.