Fighting other clans in the game from the new portal in vampires

How to fight others in the new portal other then the one person that attacked you where do you go to pick the fighter and how do you attack them other then in the fight mission.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about but a new portal sounds pretty cool. Could you explain more?

Not sure if I was clear about my request but, I was looking for a way to fight other players in the News part of vampires other then the one that attacked you. Where do one go?

Which ones other than the ones who have attacked you? I actually don’t have any pending coven members or Captured minions in my news. Are those the ones you’re talking about?

Yes I keep getting attacked by one person and I don’t know how to add others. Where do one go to attack another person in the News. Someone other then the person that attacked you.

You could go to the fight tab?

Push that button and …

Speaking of the fight tab, I click it & there is a whopping total of 2 people to fight. Can’t you open this game up by adjusting more available people? There are thousands playing. As I stated before, as a level 265, I should have access to fight any one Lvl.150 & above, that is what Vampires Live was like. More fighting = more fun & more people wanting to play as a result.