Creator of this game has no desire or intent to make game anything other than a commercial watching platfor

This comes as no surprise, I reached out to Andy & asked if he would open the game up & allow ppl. To actually fight. His response NO & don’t e-mail or ask ever again.

You’ve sent me 58 emails Bryan Livengood. Is Livengood an assumed name? I used to have a business partner Brian from GreenRobot who hardly ever speaks to me anymore.

I am working on a new game.

That is my real name. I’m not asking for much, just the ability to play a fighting game. What is the purpose to build a character in a game? To be able to battle other players. I’m not asking you to re-invent the wheel.

Yes, however, if I opened up the level categories then lower level people would complain about always being picked on by higher level players. There’s not a simple answer that I see, and you keep on asking for it.

So you have no way to allow me to fight ppl. In the game that are 150+ ? I know that there has to be hundreds- thousands of them out there, but when I hit the fight button there is 1 (ONE) to engage

Actually no - you are pretty high level. I just looked it up and there are 8 players greater than level 150.

Is it about vampires or similar creatures?