Avatars - what do you think of them?


I recently added some new graphics in the form of character avatars. If you like the avatars, I will add some new features. I was thinking of displaying them during the fight scene and having the avatars be pictured fighting.

Let me know what you think.


I can’t see the graphic as I can not get pass the part that ask for my Color, that part us cut of from me on my android phone.


What kind of Android phone do you have? Sorry about that.


#1 serves no purpose or function,as far as gameplay goes. #2 my avatar looks like a homeless 1960’s hippie with downs-syndrome.#3 would rather have upgraded skills & Missions, cause that improves & impacts game play.


ZTE Max pro Android phone.


Thanks, I released an update on alpha that fixes that issue.


The update is now public.