ANDY The last time you added New abilities & Missions was AUG 2017

Come on man, part-time administrator or not this is unacceptable & frankly LAZINESS. Give us what we want, better abilities, more missions,global stats, global chat, & more fighting.

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I’m still new here but I’m thinking that the administrator has giving up and will be zero changes anytime soon !! Our only hope os the game is sold or Andy let’s a new administration takes over

Andy we are all willing to make this very simple for you. Build the game that WE want then you can at least make money. Nobody, I mean nobody is spending money on this game right now. We all have ideas to make this an awesome game, you just need to actually listen to us and implement our ideas. It’s a win for us and a big win for you. You have to do something, right now this game is dead with no revival in sight.

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Actually someone is playing the game. Usually I make a few dollars a day but on the 5th, I made $200. Thank you for your suggestions.

Don’t know if you’ve read one of my previous postings but when I used to play Vampires live, I spent $40 a month on that game for 6 years! That’s $480 a year, for 6 freaking years, & I was just 1 player out of about 10 million players world wide, cant you see how this game could make you a VERY Wealthy man? Please do what you need to make this game Great!

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I was going to say this is quite comical to read but actually it’s as if two different conversations going on that are really not connected so more of a twilight zone moment or farce :slight_smile::upside_down_face:. Savage are you sure he’s not a BOT ?
Have a great day

My wife and I both played vampire wars and between the 2 of us we probably spent $200 to $300 every month. The difference is that games actually had things to spend money on.

Also makes money from advertisers and guessing if had 19,000 people playing Instead of 19 the $$ would be much better !!!

Andy I will do the math for you
19 people x 0 = 0, but I will give you 200 a month for advertising
Now of the 19,000 that Kman spoke of, even if only half of them spent just 5 dollars every month
9,500 people x 5 = 47,500
And that’s every month, that is more money than a lot of people make in an entire year.
Again, if you are not interested in the game there are 3 people right here that will make it an amazing game

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Where can I find minions for I have the 6 in nearby minions and the refresh doesn’t do anything

You have to physically move around in the game. Like in Pokemon go… if I understand you correctly.

Oh ok I appreciate your response