Andy, show enough pride to answer this question


Why do you refuse to fix & upgrade this game? Don’t waste our time, be man enough to tell us you don’t care, & we will just quit like you have.


Very clear what the answer is my friend , silence is not always golden!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::fearful::exploding_head:
Good luck and if can find a game worth investing in please shoot me an email Sir



Time is limited. I suggest to not play this game anymore if you find it boring.


I appreciate the comments and constructive criticism. Have a good weekend.


Definitely a BOT and a defensive one at that with no regard for the customers … take care Bot Andy
Thanks for trying Savage but it’s over . That reply was the last straw ! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::exploding_head:

Unreal !!!


Andy, are you out there Mr. Absentee & Mute Andy. You still did not answer the question that I & others are asking, are you ever gonna do anything for this game, & if yes, then when? Give us a timeframe as I stated before, you haven’t updated skills since Aug 2017 & Bush was President when the current played missions were created.


Andy, are you border line autistic? Let me ask you a serious question. Would you want to play a game where you were a Lvl247 but had no skills better than a player in the game 202 Lvls. Lower than you? Would you really like to play a game that got updated as infrequently as yours? You sir, offer nothing to the higher level, & loyal customer base. That is why we are unhappy


I don’t play the game much. Or any games much. I probably will not update the game again. Thanks for being polite.


Is Bill Gates borderline autistic?


Don’t compare your self to Bill Gates, for one he updated his shit every 6 months not every 2-10 years. We have even asked you for things to pick up the action that don’t even require according to you an up grade like letting Lvl. 1-149 fight & Lvl. 150 & up to fight. You won’t even give us that?


I do believe I heard Absentee Andy day in a rant that he had several apps & one was a dating app. I can only imagine that if he treated it like this game. You see sweet 26 yr. old Susie, you’re interested in her & send a text. this would be the response you get back, Dear John, that post on the date site is OLD , I’m a 36 yr. old Mom of 3 & has been happily married 8 years


Savage once how I saw how he reacted to you and treated you like a nuisance I knew it was waste of time to try … no use if both parties don’t have the same goals in mind and also have to believe overseas and kind of like dealing with my credit card company :anguished: hard to understand and a language barrier for sure !!
Move on Sir move on !!


Hey, do you play the walking dead no man’s land? It is a great game! Been playing for 4 years. I have a clan if you care to join , get it from the App Store go to join clan & input livengood clan request I’ll accept you


I’m clan leader Ravage1


And once again you still didn’t answer the question, would you play a game that had this many faults?


Right now as a 36 year old male, I would not play this game myself. Thank you for your constructive comments. Just chill out on the antagonistic comments please. Why go through all the trouble of begging and antagonizing me. Go build your own Vampire game if you’d like. Peace and light be with you.


On my dating mobile apps you can delete your account if you’re no longer single. Like most dating apps. The age updates dynamically.


You would not play cause it’s really not a game, it’s a commercial platform


To get a reaction and answers and got them … he had no other way .
Take Care Savage see you in the dark side


Well not real answers but at least a reaction and can see no further action is needed , the game is dead and leaderless and that’s your choice like you said and stop complaining and don’t play if you don’t like it and you really don’t care- you told him and it shows…
Peace :v:t4: out Bot .