Andy Put some life into this mostly dead game


Andy, we want more action, why not let everyone have the fighting that they want? This would be easy enough, all you have to do is let everyone that is Level 1-149 fight, and everyone who is Level 150 and above fight. And as Stated many times, we need stronger abilities & more missions, we have waited over a year and a half for new content


In vampire wars it was level 1 to 69, once you hit level 70 you were seen by everyone. They had a daily wheel to spin for extras like full energy and double energy. We had the ability ro reallocate our skill points at any time for 10 elder points and a bounty list that was never empty. Always had special very strong abilities avaible for short times. These are the things that make a game worth playing, and very worth spending money on to play. But unfortunately that’s nothing more than a pipe dream here