Andy here is how you can tell a game is Dying-Off


Andy, here is how you know people are quitting this game. 8 months ago I was attacked 36 times. 7 months ago I was attacked 4 times. 4 months ago I was attacked 3 times. 3 months ago I was attacked 3 times. 2 months ago I was attacked 2 times. 2 weeks ago I was attacked 1 time since then no one has attacked me.


Wha is this word ATTACK ??? I thought this was just an energy game and a platform to watch short commercials?

Ugh :expressionless:



LOL! You’re so right. What a shame


Lol sad but funny and some serious energy glitches and next level glitches that I just don’t know what to say … I earned it but come on lol :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: BAF
Check my level out lol :laughing:


The only positive thing about this situation is that all the people that did attack lost, so more gold for me & an added benefit is I hit them all back & won again😄 this is also good for me.This is what has helped me to rack up over 57K wins & over 56K kills, I’m successful to spite Absentee Andy.


That’s. Awesome :sunglasses: but did notice another loss sir
??? But impressive stats especially in this deserted game :wink::unamused:



When I was level 138 full coven full abilities I lost to a level 57 that had 20 coven and not loaded so it’s a crap shoot but what else is new !? Not missions or ability’s or chat or hit list or …


Here’s a question for you, when you click on the my coven tab, how many does it allow you to view? It only allows me to view 30 coven members out of my several hundred. Just want to know if this a game wide glitch or just something effecting my account


I only have 13 plus the 125 I got with points lol
Guessing not many play at all !!
3 of my tabs don’t work at all


Ok, thx. You just pretty much answered my question. Once you get another 17 I if that’s possible, you will be like me, you will be able to see the 30 plus the 125 that you bought. Anyone after that you won’t be able to see. I probably have clan that think I’m an asshole cause I’m attacking them, but because this game is broken I don’t know who is clan beyond that 30


I highly doubt I’ll get 17 more clan , no way that many are playing… and need much more than that if my vamp was a fighter but he’s a lover lol
Thinking clan don’t show up on your fight list but just a guess ;). I never saw you and now don’t see anyone- it’s a ghost town…
Well slim hope it changes but not counting on it :slight_smile: