Adjust this game to actually allow fighting when clicking the fight tab!

Clicking the fight tab, & only having 2 people to fight, when 100’s of thousands people playing is not acceptable

What level are you? The logic for finding people to fight is:

if($user_level > 150) {
else if($user_level > 40) {
else {
$level_limit = 5;

and current_health > 25 and current_stamina > 0 and number_of_items >0 and id not in crew and level within limits.

I’m a level 267, I have only had 2 people to fight since level 200. Why can’t you adjust so 150 & above can fight? As I’ve stated before, with the thousands of people who play I should have more than a measly 2 people to attack when hitting the fight button.when I’ve played other games, & hit the fight button, there were hundreds of people to engage.

I haven’t had anyone on my fight list since second month !! Lol but that’s ok I’m a lover not a fighter and built it just to level if I wanted to … but don’t bother anymore. But come back once a week to see if anything fixed … most tabs are functional but a few don’t work etc.
rock on


I changed the level variance limit to 150 if you’re over level 250. Let me know if that works…

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Thanks! At least I have 7 to fight when clicking the fight tab. I’m a level 269 & will be a 270 in a few hours.

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